Well, hello! And welcome to Sarah Wayte Photography! I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Essex.

If you’ve decided that traditional is not for you, that you are looking for something a little bit different or that you want wedding photography that suits your relaxed and natural personality, then guess what? Your search may soon be over. I am Sarah and, as the owner and photographer here, I take great pride in saying that I am a little bit offbeat, a teensy bit quirky and, even, a touch alternative from the norm. While I believe in following traditions that are important to me, I’m also more than happy to do away with the ones that don’t matter to me and I’ve even been known to come up with some new ones of my own! Life really is all about the journey and everyone should choose the paths they want to follow, not the paths they think they should follow or that others have picked out for them. And this goes for planning your wedding as well!¬†

Inviting me to be involved in your super special day is a total honour. Love, relationships and, as part of that, weddings, get me incredibly excited. I may even squeal! *Sorry* Booking me to be your photographer means I will totally immerse myself in your day. I make it my mission to capture every part of your day as it unfolds in front of me, almost as if I were an extra guest. I want to capture the mad hair moments in the morning, the joyful tears and wobbling chins of a bride about the walk down the aisle and the celebratory fist pump of the groom after the ceremony is over. I want to record the moment Aunt Mildred throws some shapes on the dance floor, or when the flower girl throws her rose petals all over the page-boy, or when Mum of the Bride wipes away a little tear.

And years from now, when you’re sitting in your armchair on a cold winter’s day, with the sunlight falling through the window and across the carpet in front of you, you’ll reach for your wedding album and slowly work your way through those familiar pages and images and relive every moment as if it were the day before. You’ll remember how you felt as you had your hair and make-up done in the morning, you’ll remember the refreshing taste of the glass of bubbly as it danced over your lips and tongue, you’ll be reminded of the scent of the fresh flowers from your beautiful bouquet and your heart will race¬†just as it did in the moments before you stepped down the aisle to the love of your life waiting at the other end. Because that is what your wedding photographs should do and that is my ultimate goal.

To find out more, please check out my work!

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