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Essex Wedding and Portrait Photography

No matter what we go through in life – school, new jobs, travelling, falling in love – there is always one constant. Your family

Whether that’s your parents, your grandparents, your siblings, your cousins, aunts and uncles, friends from school, the one you fell in love with or the children you have raised, the people you surround yourself with and call family are always the ones who matter most.

They are your support network and your tag team. The ones who tell you the truth when you need it and what you need to hear when you’re down. They’re the ones that listen to your worries and tears and the ones that laugh and joke with you. The ones that offer a hug and smile and that celebrate with you when there are things worth celebrating. They are the ones you turn to whenever you need advice, they’re the ones you can’t wait to call and tell them about your day.

Nothing matters more to me than to capture the essence of you and your family.

Whether I’m photographing your wedding, your family or just you, I work to capture your personality, the very heart and soul of you, the person behind the poses and smiles that stands in front of my camera. And I do it to capture your memories for you; cherished moments with your loved ones; images that remind you of the quiet and ordinary moments with your family that you love the most. The very spirit of you for others to look back on and remember with love. These are the things we all miss when loved ones are gone, which is why it’s so important to have a record of them. 

For wedding and portrait photography in Essex and beyond that’s all about the heart and the soul of  you, select from the links below.