So here's the bit where I talk about me... Oh fuck. 

Err, yeah, that's probably the first thing you should know. I'm a bit sweary. 

I also love to laugh - proper big belly laughs that make your face hurt and sides ache. 

I love my family passionately and fiercely - despite the fact that we are spread far and wide. My parents live in Malta, where I grew up. My sister is in Dublin. Here in Essex it's just me, the hubby and the cats. 

That's the hubby, Stu. 

He's from Derbyshire and he talks funny. Even now, after 12 years together, I don't always understand what he's saying to me. 

I think he does it on purpose...

Stu also dabbles in photography. I taught him everything he knows! 

His other passion is his job. He's a Specialist Paramedic. The ambulance service is how we met. He was a young trainee Paramedic and I was a Dispatcher, telling him where to go and what to do. Nothing's changed much! 

We've been married now for 4 years and I haven't managed to get rid of him yet...

Two rare images...

Lewie + Lola both sitting still for the camera (cat biscuits may have been responsible...)

And me and my family all in one country at the same time! This is a very rare occurrence indeed. 

* I'd like to thank Jodi Redhouse, Nikki Cooper and Carla Watkins for the use of some of their fantastic images *

So, what’s your story?