Family has always been what matters most to me…

…although I know it might not seem like that looking in from outside – with my parents living in Malta and my sister in Ireland, I probably physically see them only once or twice a year. But, despite the miles between us, we are an exceptionally close family and really treasure every moment we get to spend together. I never realised just how important family was to me though, until a little over 5 months after my wedding day and my Mum gave us all a big old scare when her heart stopped during a routine operation. Thankfully, Mum’s a pretty tough cookie and she’s still around and bossing us all about today! But that event was literally life changing for me. It had a huge effect on the way I approach photography and how I work with you, my lovely subjects, now.

You see, I’ve come to realise just how beautiful human beings are. Not just in a “you’re so vain” kind of way. My Mum used to say to me, “It’s what’s inside that counts,” and, you know, she’s not wrong. What I find beautiful is all about what’s on the inside – the very beating heart of you, the soul of you, the life you’ve led and the experiences you’ve had that all make up a part of you. From the way you chew your bottom lip when you’re thinking about a memory to the way you scrunch your nose up when you laugh. All the tiny parts that make you YOU are the things I fall in love with, every time I view them through my camera.

It’s these things, I have come to realise, that we miss most about our loved ones when they’re not around. We don’t reminisce and say, “Oh, look at that lippy Mum was wearing!” or “What a fab tie Dad had on that day!” But we do say things like, “Remember how Dad fell off the table trying to prove he could do a handstand?!” or “Mum blubbed all the way through the ceremony, I don’t think there’s one shot without her wiping her nose with a tissue!” These are the things that matter. These are the things that make a moment. And these are the things I try to capture… for you.

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