Family Stories

"Family is not an important thing... it is everything."

- Michael J. Fox

What do you remember most about your childhood? 

Is it the expensive gifts you got one Christmas and the all-inclusive family holiday in Florida your parents spent years saving up for? Or was it the camping trip where it poured with rain and you ended up sleeping in the car and riding up and down the garden path on your battered and rusty bike while your Dad tried to squirt you with water from the hose pipe?

It's funny how, when asked, most people will recall the least grandiose memories of their early years. 

They will pick out memories of simple experiences - walking with Grandma along the beach, searching for fossils in the sand - or memories that involved family traditions, like gathering around the living room table to play Cluedo for the umpteenth time and always losing to Dad! 

And now you have grown up and have young families of your own and are creating new memories with your little ones - things they will always remember with a smile years from now. 

The ability to line up a family on a bench in the park and get them all looking at the camera and smiling at the same time... well, it's not difficult. Anyone with a half decent camera can manage the same thing.

I want to capture more. 

I want to capture the essence of your family, the heart and soul. Family is about honesty, it's about being unguarded, unafraid. It knows your flaws and your moods and it doesn't care a jot. Family takes the rough with the smooth and accepts everything about you.

Family is everything.