"There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort."

- Jane Austen

I want to come and photograph your family... warts and all. 

Invite me in one Saturday morning, early enough to capture you getting out of bed, washing your faces and brushing your teeth and hair. 

I'll stay and capture the chaos of your breakfast time routine, toast being made, butter spread and sticky knives abandoned on the table. Crumbs collected on chins, tea being slurped while sifting through the morning paper and the dog hovering around for titbits left behind. 

Or maybe you'd rather invite me in to capture the joy of your kids making cupcakes, enjoying them in a family carpet picnic in the living room before heading to their rooms to read a favourite book or jump up and down on the bed. 

Of course, families come in all shapes and sizes so if you haven't got children maybe you'd rather I came in and captured a lazy Sunday afternoon, taking the dog for a wander and stopping in at the local for a little drink in the pub garden. Then we could stroll back to yours and I'll capture those quiet moments where you cuddle up on the sofa together, watching TV or reading a book. 


 You will get: 

  • Up to 3 hours shooting in your home (mileage costs apply outside of Essex)
  • All the edited images presented in an online gallery to share with friends and family. 
  • All your images on USB, suitable for sharing online and printing as often as you wish! 
  • A few little extra surprises...