My Story

"Photography is the story I fail to put into words."

- Destin Sparks

I have been a storyteller my whole life...

As a kid I used to make up stories - to fit in, to be one of the crowd, to be liked. 

I was a bit of a cryer in infant school. So one day I told everyone I was crying because my grandma had died. Well that one came back and bit me on the arse after parents evening...

Thankfully I moved away from making up stories (ok, ok, lies!) to gain likes and sympathy. Instead, I turned to pen and paper and started to write short stories, which developed into longer stories and poetry. 

As I got older and my pen ran dry, I turned to photography and now I tell stories with my camera instead. True stories, mind. Great stories. Full of love and emotion. Your stories. And sometimes mine. 

I've turned those stories into prints and now you can buy those prints to put on your wall. 

All images are original and captured on my various travels and wanderings. 

They are available to purchase in a variety of sizes and formats. 

All images are printed on Art White or Art Cotton paper from the awesome guys at Folio. You can see the differences between the two papers right here

Prices start from just £10 plus postage and each print will be signed and numbered on the back and carefully wrapped in tissue paper before being sent out to you. 

To see more images, or purchase prints, head on over to my print store now!

I like to blog about my travels and wanderings...

Here's a selection of some of my personal work.