On Tour


From day trips to the seaside to picnics in the park, from cheap caravan holidays to the hugely anticipated trip to Disneyland, we all have great memories of family days and holidays that we can look back on, as well as an abundance of photographs to flick through. “Look! There’s the day you decided to vault over a farm gate and almost landed in a cow pat on the other side!” (True story…) or “Remember how we almost lost you on the bus just a few minutes after this photo was taken?” (Also true!) Take a good look through all your family photographs of great days together, laugh over them, share memories over them… but I’m betting that there’s something lacking in most of those photos or, more rightly, someone. And I’m betting that someone is you!

How many photographs do you have of your family as a whole? How many times do you actually appear in your holiday photographs? Probably not that many, for a guess. And the ones where you are most likely involve an outstretched arm, the dreaded “selfie stick” (and possible photobomber!) or drunken tilt where your camera has tipped on the uneven wall while you have bolted into the scene with seconds to spare. We’ve all got them.

Family life is fleeting. We hear it all the time – kids grow up so fast! It’s why we photograph these events as much as possible, so that we can cling on to the memories as they get older. But wouldn’t it be lovely to actually be in those photographs? To be involved in the activities that you will all remember instead of trying to capture a blurry shot of it on your phone?

Invite me on your family day out and I will capture every memory as it happens. Allow me to document a day in your family’s life so that you can relax, enjoy and take part in what is going on around you. Because there will come a time when your kids grow up and move out, when they start families and lives of their own and, a long way into the future, when you are perhaps not here anymore, they will search through those cardboard boxes in the loft and find those images and they will sit and look through them with smiles and tears… because you will be in the photographs too.

I will accompany you on your day out for up to 6 hours and provide all your priceless memories in digital form.