Your Business Story

"I'm not too good at being fake or being somebody else."

- Brantley Gilbert

The face of your business is you.

In a time where so many people are setting up their own businesses, working from home and turning their passions into their vocations, appearance has become one of the most important things to think about.

But businesses are taking a turn in a new and more exciting direction - the formality of corporate is fading and there is now a real upturn in more personal, homemade and hand created businesses. 

People want to know the real person behind the business, not just its corporate face.

This is why I aim to capture your business, and you, in a more relaxed setting. No white back drop and a host of studio lights with you sitting formally on a stool in the middle. No fixed stare and smile and perfectly coiffed hair or exacting tie. Let's show the real you a little more - the genuine smiles, your loosened tie, a natural backdrop. 

But all still capturing professional images of you to share on your websites and business profiles.