Your Story

Three million heartbeats.

In a lifetime, that's all we have, give or take.

Every one of those heartbeats is a signpost, a marker, of a life lived - your life lived. And, with it, the stories you contain. 

Being photographed is not just about the perfect pose, the wide smile, the glint in your eyes. It's about capturing those stories, those stories of you. Your memories, your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions. 

It's about celebration - not just in the big events (although those are pretty awesome!) - but also in the small flashes of your existence... the sideways glances you share, a knowing smile, a baby's grip of a finger. It's about seizing the in between moments as well as the moments themselves and recording you just as you are - no fakery, no photoshop, just beautiful, honest, undeniable you.